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Toxic Beer is the hysterically laugh-out-loud funny and wildly original debut novel from sci-fi comedy author Simon Bullock. While it unashamedly doffs a cap to Douglas Adams’ renowned Hitchhikers Guide… series, Toxic Beer is very much its own (scourge cat bladder) beast with a unique style and riotous humour to be savoured by all sci-fi comedy fans. 

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Front cover of Toxic Beer by Simon Bullock

About the Author


Sci-Fi comedy author Simon Bullock’s zany, joke-rich storytelling has been compared favourably with the likes of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (H2G2) series by Douglas Adams, the work of author Robert Rankin, as well as classic British TV sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf and cult sci-fi comedy film Galaxy Quest

Simon, a lifelong sci-fi fan, found inspiration for his debut sci-fi comedy novel Toxic Beer by observing Brits on ‘booze cruises’ in France. The result is an off-the-wall space opera set largely on Earth and populated by inebriated aliens, clueless humans, and a host of other memorable lifeforms. 

Born in Britain, Simon now lives in Utrecht, in the Netherlands with his wife, Chrissie, and their two cats. When he’s not busy at work on his next book, a prequel to Toxic Beer titled The Last Intergalactic Booze Cruise,  he spends his free time brewing homemade beer, and playing blues harp for Dutch band BluesShack.

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