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Front cover of Toxic Beer by Simon Bullock
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As the late, great Douglas Adams once said, “I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.” To that end, despite my debut novel Toxic Beer taking nearly ten years to come to fruition, I have set myself a six-month deadline for the follow-up prequel novel, The Last Intergalactic Booze Cruise. (If you would like to read a synopsis of this novel, please see my post “What’s in a Blog?”)

However, I’m taking a brief break from writing the novel and my other hobbies of brewing beer and playing the blues harp for BluesShack to instead pen a few words for this new blog of mine. I intend this blog to be a mix of news, reviews, book updates and random musings and I look forward to sharing these with you, Dear Reader, whenever I have the chance.

Now – we’re off into space!

The planet Proton VII

How did I end up on this Proton VII I hear you ask?
Apparently, according to the interweb, it’s very important as an author to do your research, so seeing as this particular planet plays a significant role in my latest book in the making, I thought I would hop into the prototype matter transporter that I have been building and take a short break to this planet and the must-see points of interest while doing some book research. The Wifely, AKA She Who Must Be Obeyed, was at work and I’d be back way before she got home anyway to make her dinner, so what was the harm?

Well, if I had managed to bother to get some local tourist information I would have been better prepared, for the only must-see bucket-list points of interest are lakes full of the local wildlife’s excrement. Apparently, the Soft Beverage Limited Company of the planet Hordan III, or as the employees of the said company call it, ‘BELCH’, use this cat wee as the main ingredient in one of their fizzy beverages that’s all the rage and sells in astonishing numbers throughout the known and unknown universe in clubs and bars.

Anyway, suffice to say I didn’t stay very long on this particular planet and thought it would be a safer bet just to make stuff up for my book. Sod the research and accuracy – I’ll just wing it as I did in Toxic Beer. Plus, the planet’s wildlife in the form of ten-legged maws filled with nasty sharp fangs, and the cats whose wee-wee is used in the aforementioned fizzy drink, weren’t particularly friendly and certainly didn’t appreciate me walking around asking stupid questions and taking photos on my trusty iPhone!

Take care,

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