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As well as working full-time in a hospital, playing in a successful blues band, and brewing homemade beer, I also write books (apparently I’m now an author!) – hence this website, and my book Toxic Beer, and my new book in the making. Despite all this, I’ve found some time to write another blog post, so I just wanted to share my excitement with all of you at the launch of this amazing author website and the book reviews in the London Economic, Readers Digest and MaleXtra Q&A. Wow, I’d buy my book after reading these great reviews!

So what’s next? Well, I’m currently writing my latest funniest book on the planet (my own review), The Last Intergalactic Booze Cruise, and if you would like a quick synopsis, then read on…

The Last Intergalactic Booze Cruise – Simon Bullock

Synopsis: When retired Formula 8000 Hyper jump Racing pilot Richard Bstrrds, or Rich as he liked to be called, now turned entrepreneur and founder of the Soft Beverage Limited Company of Hordaan III, discovers that his bestselling fizzy drink of all-time sales and share prices has flopped overnight due to a rival’s better product, he has to come up with a plan to get rid of the competition and make his shareholders happy again.

Rich hatches a dangerous and devious plan by accidentally on purpose releasing a mutant form of Angariaan swine flu that spreads like wildfire around the galaxy, locking down all of the planet’s inhabitants and trade. Meanwhile, a group of alcoholic space traders unwittingly spread this flu whilst taking a short break In the form of a weekend jolly that turns into a combination of fleeing from the Intergalactic Police for breaking local planetary curfews and a very long extended booze cruise.

Anyway, huge thanks for visiting my website. I will do my utmost to post blogs whenever I have the stuff to share – be that book updates, release dates, film premieres or just general funny (hopefully) stuff.

Take care,

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