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British & American Sci-Fi Comedy

Today’s blog is all about a British TV series and an American sci-fi comedy film.             

This is my angle and opinion of how American comedy and British Comedy differ, and why I generally prefer British comedy over American except in the case of my two favourite TV & comedy sci-fi films.

Red Dwarf – By Doug Naylor & Rob Grant 

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Now I’m hoping that you, the reader of this blog, will have at least seen or heard of Red Dwarf, and if you are a fan of Douglas Adams’ Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy series then you have come to the right place. If you haven’t seen or heard of Red Dwarf, I’d like a full explanation in triplicate handwritten by yourself as to why on earth not!

Red Dwarf by Doug Naylor & Rob Grant
Mr Flibble is very cross…

Anyway, back to my blog about this TV sci-fi comedy spoof and why I prefer British comedy when compared to American comedy. Don’t get me wrong, there are some very funny comedies films and TV series that I am very fond of from our cousins over the pond, but I think a lot of my American friends will agree with me that when writing something as original as H2G2 By Douglas Adams, or Red Dwarf by Doug Naylor & Rob Grant, they would be hard-pressed to find an equivalent that has the same ability to be low budget yet still extremely original and funny.

The Red Dwarf series and books, along with the scriptwriters and authors, have done exceptionally well in the US of A and that’s not something many of our cousins can claim with anything they have come up with so far – correct me if I’m wrong? 

All of which brings me nicely up to my next comparison…

Galaxy Quest by David Howard and Robert Gordon 

Despite having just told you that there are very few US sci-fi comedy films or TV series, when making a comparison to UK scriptwriters, I just have to mention this comedic masterpiece of a film by David Howard and Robert Gordon. If you haven’t seen the film, I strongly suggest you do – especially if you are a fan of Red Dwarf and H2G2 by the above-mentioned writers in the first part of my blog. Galaxy Quest is a very original and funny space opera that lovingly parodies Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek (and its fandom!) and it definitely deserves a mention in this blog. It is well worth a watch.

If you are interested in the full synopsis and further information on both Red Dwarf and Galaxy Quest, please look them up on Wikipedia:

Galaxy Quest (1999) Trailer

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