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From Hoopy Froods to Hoppy Brews

Today’s blog is about why I love homebrew beer and why this may have been influenced the plot and title of my debut novel, Toxic  Beer

Before that, though, welcome to my webpage. I’m glad you found me, though it wasn’t too tricky, was it, as all you have to do is type in “Simon Bullock” into Google, or “Toxic Beer”, and you get your search engines filled with my ugly mug staring back at you with a daft grin on my face and a large beer in my hand (cheers, by the way).

Anyway, why do I like homebrew beer? 

Well, who doesn’t? It’s cheap to make and it tastes pretty good. I should note, though, that I’m not including that canned do-it-yourself stuff that you have ready to drink in 24 hours, or a week, or whatever the blurb on the can says. I’d rather drink alien spaceship waste than that muck. Hang on … now that’s an idea for a bestseller! I better write that one down before someone borrows my idea or comes up with a way to fuel an Alien spacecraft.

Just imagine if all those boffins who work for non-existent American top-secret Airforce bases with names like ‘Area 51’ discovered—after all their research into the workings of the non-existent alien UFO that they never captured, alongside all that intense interrogation of its non-existent crew)—that they hadn’t a clue how the UFO’s propulsion system worked. Now imagine how annoyed they would be if they then discovered that the answer to intergalactic travel had been staring them in the face when they were having a few homebrew beers and a packet of pork scratchings with their colleagues, and how upset they would be to discover that this was what the non-existent aliens had been trying to tell them all along: that homebrew beer will happily run any non-existent Alien spacecraft’s propulsion system you care to name. 

Ok, so very short blog, but now you know why I like homebrew beer (when it’s the proper stuff) and how beer, and especially cheap homebrew beer kits, may have given me the idea to write a book about aliens and toxic space waste from their UFO. If that wasn’t enough, I’ve also given you a tip on how to brew spaceship propulsion fuel  in your mum’s airing cupboard and make a small fortune selling the patent to the American Airforce. 

Thanks for reading my blogs, and stay safe 

Simon Bullock 

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