The Last Intergalactic Booze Cruise concept art

New Concept Art

In this blog, I would like to share with you the new concept art for my latest book in the Toxic Beer Trilogy, The Last Intergalactic Booze Cruise.

And if it’s your first time visiting my website then welcome, “And thanks for all the fish”. Sorry, I mean thanks for reading my sci-fi comedy novel Toxic Beer

If you’ve found my website then you have most probably read about me and my book in one of the many interviews and reviews that have appeared since its launch. You’ve also probably seen a photo of me on Google looking all very pleased with myself and smug for producing such an original and funny book. It took 10 years to write so I’m allowed this moment!

However, that’s enough of me blowing my own trumpet. Back to the concept artwork that I wanted to share with you, as well as a little explanation about how I came up with the idea.

Front cover of Toxic Beer by Simon Bullock
My debut novel, Toxic Beer, is available on Amazon.

Firstly, a quick history lesson. Here is the front cover of my first book, Toxic Beer

This time, however, I  wanted to have something a bit more cartoony, a bit more Douglas Adams-style. My Illustrator, Dusan Reljic—who is an absolute genius and always comes up with the goods—asked what I wanted to convey on the cover so I gave him the book’s synopsis and explained that the aliens from my first novel were on a booze cruise around the unknown universe and had landed on Earth to stock up on supplies etc. but that, originally, they had stolen a space yacht from the planet Andoraan V and were now wanted by the intergalactic police. 

Based on that, he came up with the concept art that you can see below. Personally, I love it and I hope you do as well. Feel free to get in touch or drop me a line via social media (Twitter, Facebook) as I would love to hear from you  (and if you don’t like the artwork then tough because I know where to send a semi-tamed  Scourgecat bladder beast kitten to chew on your bones or, even worse, ex black-ops Venusian Republic navy commander Rhotak the Flatulent to sort you out).  

The amazing concept artwork by Dusan Reljic for my next book, The Last Intergalactic Booze Cruise

Anyway, the cover work has been uploaded waiting to be published so watch this space for more blogs/book release announcements/Film premiere dates (for my first book, obviously) etc.

Take Care and stay safe, and watch out for Rhotak—he knows where you live if I get any bad reviews.  


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