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Simon Bullock is the author of hilariously whacky space opera Toxic Beer.

The story of

Simon Bullock

Humanoid Simon Bullock is a great teller of stories — but not all are true. For instance, those in his hilarious debut novel, Toxic Beer.

A rising sci-fi comedy writer, Simon’s storytelling is already being likened to the iconic novels of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy  creator Douglas Adams and TV’s much-loved Red Dwarf.

In Simon’s alternative universe, he invented the first intergalactic propulsion engine and the first prototype matter transporter. He was also the first person to land on the Moon.

Having taken a 10-month sabbatical around the unknown universe to research his first novel, Toxic Beer, he also flew to the planet Proton VII, where he very nearly got himself eaten by the local wildlife. He spent a month on the planet Solaria where he was enthusiastically greeted by the locals.

“Extraordinary beings,” he reported on his return.

Simon, who works as a medical engineer, has had a lifelong passion for writing as well as sci-fi comedy. 

Toxic Beer has been a decade in the making  but, as readers and critics alike attest, has been worth the wait. Simon’s zany, joke-rich and earthy storytelling will appeal to anyone who loves the likes of Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide, the writing of Robert Rankin, as well as classic British TV sci-fi comedy show Red Dwarf and cult sci-fi comedy film Galaxy Quest. 

With his first, critically-acclaimed novel having gone down better with readers than a cool pint on a scorching day, Simon is now working on a follow-up to Toxic Beer – a prequel revealing the bleary-eyed aliens’ escapades during their extended inter-galactic booze cruise. 

A hoopy frood who always knows where his towel is, Simon also plays blues harp in rising Dutch blues band, BluesShack. 

Originally from the UK, Simon currently lives in Utrecht, Netherlands with his wife Chrissie and two cats. In his free time he enjoys cooking and likes to brew homemade beer with more kick than an Arcturian MegaDonkey.

Toxic Beer is available on Amazon in eBook and paperback formats.

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