Front cover of Toxic Beer by Simon Bullock

Toxic Beer is potent stuff, guaranteed to refresh the parts that other sci-fi comedy novels cannot reach.”

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“With his debut novel, Toxic Beer, Simon Bullock transports readers to a galaxy of madcap humour not to be missed. “

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“A laugh-out-loud, zany space opera that will undoubtedly appeal to fans of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Red Dwarf, and Galaxy Quest.”

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The Hilarious Debut Novel from Simon Bullock

Toxic Beer

Unemployed computer engineer Sidney Ramsbottom inherits a small fortune from his late father’s business investments after he is found dead floating face down in a large vat of beer accompanied by two scantily-dressed Polish pole dancers and their three performing sheep Brittany, Lulu, and Michaela.

Before Sid has a chance to enjoy this unexpected windfall, however, he is abducted by a group of thieving alcoholic aliens who have been bumping and burping their way across the universe while on the run from the Intergalactic Police in a stolen spaceship. 

Sid is left unconscious in the spaceship’s smelly cargo bay and left to rot while the aliens set forth to carry out their plans for the planet Earth. They don’t come in peace, and are not here to conquer. Instead, they simply want to solve two knotty problems and get back to their carefree, partying ways. One,  to offload a mass of leaking toxic waste on their spaceship before it gets them first. Two, and this is the bigger issue, how to maintain their insobriety when they are left dry after 100 years of being drunk. 

Their young engineer, Harry – a nice guy who is newly appointed after the gung-ho, trigger-happy captain shot his boss – has, thankfully, devised a plan to put everything right. His idea is to hide on the Moon and send shuttles down to Earth to drop off and repackage their waste as a particular toxic tipple, and re-stock up on booze. What could possibly go wrong? 

It’s up to Sid, if he can escape his captors, along with a retired policeman and landlord to save the day. While the aliens have close encounters of the blurred kind, our unlikely heroes will need excessive good luck, a strong stomach, and a sense of humour for everything that’s coming their way.

Toxic Beer, Simon Bullock’s laugh-out-loud debut sci-fi comedy novel, will drive you full throttle into a world of intergalactic space oddity.

Praise for Toxic Beer


Amazon Review

A ride through an alternative galaxy, where the aliens are inebriated, irresponsible joy riders.

Mix 'Mars Attacks' with Douglas Adams' Vogon space-fleet and you have an idea of the mentality of these visitors from Outer Space; but imagine if they had a outlook similar to that of a teenage booze cruiser from the 1980s, yet the power to take over planet earth at the same time. Ridiculous? Yes - and it makes me laugh, giggle and snort uncontrollably throughout the plot that careers along like something out of a Kenny Everett Captain Kremmen episode. This writer clearly grew up with the same influences I had, but has the ability to keep making me laugh. Thoroughly recommended.

Gina van Gelder

Amazon Review

Toxic Beer - rip-roaringly funny

I couldn't stop laughing from the minute I read the back page blurb until I read the last page.

Rip-roaringly funny. So much but not quite like Douglas Adams of 'Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy' fame.

Simon's first book is original and well worth a read.

Amazon Customer

Amazon Review

Monty Python Material

This book is hilarious and holds up against the review found in the description. I envision it as a series of SNL sketches or even some kind of extraterrestrial reboot of Monty Python. Well done!

Andrew Sankey

Amazon Review

Review of Toxic Beer

Anybody that has enjoyed reading "Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy" should read this book. It is light hearted, funny and I beleive it would appeal to most Sci-fi fans.

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